snorkel day


  • Adults $99 per person
  • Children 4-11 years $65 per person
  • Monday– Thursday & Saturday
  • Time: 12 pm to 4 pm


  • Begins with Tour of Nassau Harbour
  • Goes to Rose Island
  • Snorkeling (Gear Included)
  • Explore the Island
  • Relaxing on the Beach
  • Bahama Mammas
  • Fruit Punch
  • BBQ Chicken Lunch
  • Beach Games
  • Deposit required %50 percent
  • Cancellation: must cancel 24 hours prior to scheduled trip without penalty of deposit.
  • All activities are weather permitting.
  • The Lady Brianna is a 40ft by 25ft motored catamaran.
  • Bathroom onboard
  • A lot of seating around the perimeter of the boat.
  • Shelter in the center.
  • Step Ladder used to get on and off while beached.
  • Licensed for 50 passengers.
  • Twin engines – Motor powered for speed
  • Lots of Shade on Board the Boat
  • Full deck space for sunbathing and dancing
  • Fresh Water Shower Hose
  • Snorkel Equipment and Instructions
  • Fully trained crew
  • Full Licensed and Accredited Boat Captain
  • Music: CD Player & MP3 & I-pod Connections
  • First Aid Kit

Customize your cruise with a Private Charter

The full day charter is $3800.00
The private charter rate for a half day (3 1/2 hours) is at a rate of $2800.00.
This covers the boat rental snorkeling, harbor tour, beach games, beach stops, swim with turtles.
Maximum passengers 45 (we can accommodate larger groups).

  • Food additional $12 per person for lunch menu (BBQ, Chicken, Peas n rice, Corn).
  • Appetizer choose 4 for
  • Cash Bar available.
  • Poured water included.
  • Music onboard or private DJ additional $250.00
  • Time: Usually 9 :30 am or 1pm. Can be altered.
  • Boat Pick up: Please provide hotel or cruise ship
  • information.  Bus pick up, if necessary, is an additional cost.

The private charter rate for a full day (5 hrs) is at a rate of $3600.00

  • This covers boat rental, snorkeling, harbor tour, beach games.
  • Maximum passengers 45.
  • Food Additional $12 per person.
  • Cash Bar available.
  • Poured water included.
  • Music on board/ipod connection
  • Time: usually start from 10 am or 11 am
  • Activity levels, onboard programs, and itineraries may be personalized to the
    ability and budget of your group.
  • Cancel 5 days ahead of time to avoid a penalty.

Swim the Turtles Excursion

Swim with one of the most majestic creatures inhabiting the Bahamian waters:  the exquisite sea turtle.  Our guests say they are the most pleasant animals to view underwater.

Experience a one on one encounter with one of nature’s magnificent creatures.
Become one with nature with the best place to swim with sea turtles, the
turquoise water of the Bahamas.

Our trainers will guide you through one of our crystal clear swimming areas. We will explain the habits and behaviors of sea turtles. You will be able to swim with the sea turtle, touch their smooth skin and have pictures taken.

Jump in and experience sea turtles in their natural habitat. Interact and learn about these amazing creatures.

  • Price: contact us for the pricing
  • Fri & Sun
  • Time 9:30am -12pm
  • Bring an underwater camera.
  • Snorkel Gear Included.
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